Luthien Fashion Updates

Hi my dearest fans and followers, I am writing you back again. I know sometimes I get  busy with so many things that I am not aware of how much time I haven’t written since the last time. Well, everything is coming up very good. Luthien Fashion Design is starting its own way, a bit slow but it is coming along very well. Right now, I am creating a new collection of jackets, blouses and dresses for women. All of them made and created by the Goth Inspiration and mine as well.

I have to tell you that I am working a bit slow, due to the fact that I have to work on Luthien Fashion by myself. I design, cut, build, and promote myself. It hasn’t been easy at all but I continue fulfilling my dream that Luthien Fashion Design will grow up and become a great fashion company. Sometimes it gets very hard, and some days I dream that I have more time to accomplish all the work in one day, but most of the time is difficult. Even though, I push very hard on myself and I believe I am doing a great job.

These are some pictures of the work that I have been doing lately.

Luthien Fashion Patterns

Luthien Fashion building and creating

Luthien Fashion Patterns


Thank you so much for following me, and I promise to write more often. By the way, I haven’t written anything with regard to fashion shows and haute couture events. There are so many of them and so little time to write about it. But I will try!

I almost forgot, I would like you to share my Facebook fan page, it would be nice to have more followers. Luthien Fashion Official Facebook Page is . Sadly, Facebook hasn’t verified the page yet, and I have been trying to do that but it has been impossible so please keep in mind, this is the the official page of the brand.  Thank you for spreading the word.

Bye for now!



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