Where the Inspirations come from?

The fashion designer, the creator of a style visualize in it’s mind how he or she wants to implement in it’s imagination that whole atmosphere that characterizes him or her. Every creator should always take elements of a particular topic, which start the process of developing a collection, or a specific gown.

An idea comes not only from the mind, also comes from a topic, a painting, a film, a filmmaker, an artist, etc.. Creating an item comes from many sites, places and themes. This does not happen because the designer is a scholar or an inventor, no. This is flowing over his or her creativity and also for it’s inspiration which is very passionate about and love.Each element depends on the inspiration that the designer has in it’s mind which is reflected in the gown. For example, seeing this picture gives me the feeling (besides having a Gothic aesthetic, which is obvious), we see that the crow stylist is an important part of it and not only photographic but the suit itself. The lines seem to handle the corset which seams like were the feathers of the raven and the headdress turn to give a feeling of flying, mystery and majesty.

I want to clarify that the designer takes the inspiration, but it must decide which item to choose from it. Because every inspiration has several branches where the designer can focus and take only a small part of it.

Any inspiration I think it should be taken by the situations, issues, places, etc.. which the designer are more passionate about it because if he or she is not in love with, it will not become successful. It is true that as a designers we must be aware of the latest trends and the last fashion that people is wearing, but I think the inspiration must come from the heart of the artist so that their collections can be loved and cherished by its audience.

So dear readers, fashion is not something that comes out of nowhere. Fashion is inspired by each element of this universe, either of a type of flower, an animal, human creations, literature, cinema, art and an infinitive of things and situations where reinvents itself, it will rebuilding as time passes through.

Spanish version: https://luthienfashiondesign.wordpress.com/2013/04/08/de-donde-vienen-las-inspiraciones-al-crear/#more-364

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