The truth behind a fashion/costume designer

189886_468969799854693_663276929_nWhen a person starts the process of become a true fashion designer, apparently society has the ability to assume that it is a career like any other. They also tend to believe that the Designer is a seamstress or a tailor who sews only and nothing else. It’s something that almost always falls in error. Even within the family believe that the study and be professional in design is sewing clothes for the whole family and for several people in the neighborhood where we live. I think that is not the essence of a fashion designer. I think anyone can sew, right or wrong but can sew. The essence of this beautiful art is to translate an idea, an inspiration in an outfit or collection. Some designers do not have the skill to sew and have their tailors and seamstresses available to do so, this does not mean that the Designer is mediocre. For instance, as an independent designers we have to sew by ourselves our collections and our clothes when we are beginning on this journey of fashion.
The sewing is an art too, do not get me wrong but that is not the origin of a whole thing where fashion and style are discussed. If the designer does not have a clear concept of his/her collection or not consistent in what he/she wants to create, clothing can be beautifully made but if the above is not clear, it is a waste of time. Also vice versa, if the idea is clear and the manufactured is complete wrong we have had wasted time, energy and money.

Every part of the idea, concept, construction, development and final product should go together to the project of a complete creation. None can be away from each other. Everything must go by all as a block: Complete.

Everything in life is a learning process, but as designers we must defend our professional studies, knowledge and see that we have to see the world, read a lot, updating and pay attention to the trends which are driving around the world. Not only in fashion but in many other areas of society. I’m from a country where it is needed for the acceptance of who we are as designers. Colombia is a country that exports and imports fashion and textiles, but it is not a cosmopolitan country because if Colombia  were cosmopolitan, society wouldn’t have so many misconceptions about being a fashion designer, a tailor or seamstress or a person who can sew. They are different concepts which have different meanings and different languages of work.

With this little post I want to express that the designer must assume responsibility and be assured of creating concepts, ideas, lifestyles and inspired by a subject which ever might be. We must defend what we are: «True artists in the creation of how to dress»

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