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Rei Kawakubo, Exhibición en el MET New York 2017. Parte III.

Bienvenidos de nuevo a mi blog, esta es la última entrega de la exhibición de Rei Kawakubo en la ciudad de Nueva York. Quiero aclarar que la mayoría del texto es parte del programa oficial que entregan en el MET, yo lo que hago es traducir dicha información, eso sí

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Sharing some music

Hi guys! I just wanted to share some of the music that I like, #GothAtmosphere. This band is called Deathstars and I like it very much! Their esthetic is wonderfully GOTH! Devil’s Toys_Deathstars

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Dark Punk, Siouxie Sioux and Robert Smith

Music is one of the most important triggers in culture and in our lives. How music has influenced in fashion or fashion has influenced in music? Personally, I think it would be the first, because without the style and lyrics of these musicians there would be no significance within the

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